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The Tulip challenge:

”How can Tulip make pork more appealing to young people, and create new, exciting food concepts and products based on insights regarding food trends and consumer behavior”

The Challenge

Let’s make the pig GREAT again.

During recent years young consumers have changed meat consumption behavior, moving away from pork and towards other protein sources like chicken or even meat-free lifestyles. Research has shown, that there are multiple reasons for these changes – from pork being perceived less attractive and to a lack of cooking skills among the consumer group.

How do we get the young consumers (20-35-year-olds) to eat more (and cook with) pork? Which barriers exists in connection to consumer trends and consumer behaviour towards pork and food within this young segment? What does an appealing and nutritious concept and product range look like, which delivers on the consumer expectations and needs.


Tulip Food Company (TFC) is the leading food company in Denmark across a range of categories; from soups and sausages to Bacon and Fresh meat, but with overall meat consumption being in decline, TFC has acknowledged, that new opportunities have arisen to continue to drive and safeguard its leading position towards the new generation of shoppers and consumers (young consumers of 20-34 years old).

Young consumers are living a very different life than previous generations, with a lot more options, information and inspiration to help them make decisions about nutrition, value-based consumption and meal solutions. But with the amount of choices and options, comes a range of contradictions and challenges: They are global inhabitants – living local lives. They want organic and high value-for-money at affordable prices. They are keen on living healthy lives – while indulging. They want transparency and control – but made easy and convenient.

The market for convenience meal solutions is booming, but it limits the variety of choice, and diminish the passion which goes into preparing and enjoying a quality, homemade meal. What would it take to change the sales curve (among young consumers) of fresh meat? Removing critical barriers or igniting their interest and desire to engage in the process of cooking with pork, while tapping into their busy lives and delivering on selected life values and choices.

About Tulip

Tulip Food Company is a subsidiary of Danish Crown and employs 2,700 people. Tulip Food Company is a modern meat processing company with sales of products to more than 120 countries around the world. The product portfolio consists of a variety of categories from canned meat to soups, sausages, and meat snacking products.

Tulip is the first registered trademark in Denmark dating back to 1909 and is still today among the strongest brands within several categories domestically and globally with canned meat products. Tulip is globally renowned for food quality and strong focus on food safety. Tulip operates with 12 highly specialized production facilities in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany, with special attention to health and environmental and social responsibility. 

The student challenge team

The team of students within these expertise will work and pressent their solution to the challenge

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Speakers at the conference

The speakers for the Tulip Challenge.

Andreas Kjær Thomsen, 

Head of Strategic Innovation, Tulip

Line Mielby, 

Postdoctoral Researcher, Aarhus University

Tino Bech-Larsen, 

Associate Professor, Aarhus University

Søren Lavrsen, 

Senior Lecturer, VIA University College

Dorte Petersen, 

Senior Consultant, Food Technology, Danish Technological Institute


  • Session time: 14 November,  14.30 – 16.00

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