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The KMC challenge

“Natural Fiber Ingredients in the Future – sourcing, technology and consumer health”

The Challenge

The global food industry is increasingly looking for new types of dietary fibers for a rich variety of foods, dietary supplements, and even animal feed as there is a strong and growing demand from consumers for natural solutions for increased well-being and gut health without GMOs, gluten, or too much artificial chemistry or E-numbers. For many global consumer groups, “natural dietary fibers” is considered good for your health.


Perhaps the most promising product category in the near future is dietary fibers based on potatoes – a GMO and gluten-free alternative to traditional soy or wheat-based fibers. The increased consumer awareness of product labels, free-from awareness, and gut health has accelerated food manufacturers’ demand for new types of dietary fibers in their desire to ensure a clean label declaration and a healthy product profile. It is KMC’s intention to become the leading supplier of GMO and gluten-free dietary fiber solutions – the missing ingredient to achieve this could be you.

About KMC

KMC is one of the global market leaders in developing innovative natural ingredient solutions based on Danish potatoes that advance food, health and productivity for the benefit of us all. We are also challenged to be at the cutting-edge of consumer trends, legislation and research and development to maintain this position.

KMC is 100%-owned by potato growers in Denmark, and operates under the eagle eye of the world’s most stringent environmental legislation. Being grower-owned means we have much more control over the entire supply chain. We have a guaranteed supply of quality-controlled raw materials with rigorously documented origin, which also helps us boost the quality of our products.

The student challenge team

The team of students within these expertise will work and pressent their solution to the challenge

You have strong analytical skills, personal drive and a strategic mindset to problem solving
You have global market and food trends insight and have a strong BtB consumer understanding
You have a passion for product development and a strong interest in proteins

You have knowledge within global health and nutrition and food chemistry

You have outstanding communicational skills and political understanding

Speakers at the conference

Experts at the conference for the KMC Challenge.

Jan Mousing,
Special Advisor, Aarhus University

Jan holds a DVM PhD and has 30 years’ experience in the Danish and international food sector. He has been employed in senior positions in both public and private entities including inter alia FOSS, The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, and SEGES, and has, since 2010, been a management board member at EFSA. In 2016, he started his own company Mousing Consulting, now engaged in business development for Aarhus University and others.

Helle Nygaard Lærke,
Senior Researcher, Aarhus University

Helle is a senior researcher at Aarhus University in the Department of Animal Science. She holds a M.Sc. in Food Science and a PhD in Human Nutrition from the Royal Agricultural University, Copenhagen, and has been involved in research within nutrition and physiology for more than 28 years. Her core interest lies in the interplay between chemical composition and physico-chemical properties of carbohydrates and fibre-associated components in food and impact on animal and human nutrition and health.

Mads Peter Olsen,
Managing Director, GroupM ONE Aarhus

GroupM helps companies deploy data and technology within marketing to design effective communication strategies that meet current market needs and address future consumer trends. Mads has more than 10 years’ experience within this field, and having worked with companies within a wide range of industries, he brings vast insights into consumer behaviour and modern perspectives on how companies can add value through new technology and digital media. On a personal level, Mads is quite interested in gut health.

Thomas Hannibal,
Senior Application Development Manager, KMC


  • Session time: August 31th,  13.30 – 15.00.

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