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The KMC challenge:

“How can KMC optimize their innovative plant protein ingredients to match customer and consumer trends and needs?”

The Challenge

Your challenge is to explore the most ideal way to bring KMC’s new potato-based protein solutions to global markets taking KMC’s current market leading position on the starch market into clear account. How does an ideal value chain, application and go-to-market strategy of potato-based protein look, and which market segments and applications are especially interesting for the potato protein? 

These ideas should be supported with evidence indicating the feasibility of the solution technologically, commercially and legislatively, and should form a recognisable business case blueprint.  Keep in mind food safety, food wastage, shelf-life, transport, business, IPR, impact and market influence.


At KMC our scientists and business developers work with a growing and market leading ingredient portfolio, and we are very keen to create the most successful plant-based protein solutions in the future.

We want our team to explore our current protein solution and its application possibilities and come up with a concept and business model for our potato protein now and in the future. We want to know more about the protein. We want to be closer to our customers and deliver a product that matches current trends and needs – at the same time improving our business model and turn-over.

The excellent sourcing and technical knowledge regarding potato-based products at KMC provides an opportunity platform to build and develop new, nutritious protein-based food applications and products supporting beneficial incorporation of other types of ingredients, other proteins, probiotics and vitamins. 

The protein-based product solution should encompass how these challenges can be met and solved to the benefit of our customers (the global food industry) and for the ultimate benefit of their customers – the consumers in the best suited segments.

About KMC

KMC is one of the global market leaders in developing innovative natural ingredient solutions based on Danish potatoes that advance food, health and productivity for the benefit of us all. We are also challenged to be at the cutting-edge of consumer trends, legislation and research and development to maintain this position.

KMC is 100%-owned by potato growers in Denmark, and operates under the eagle eye of the world’s most stringent environmental legislation. Being grower-owned means we have much more control over the entire supply chain. We have a guaranteed supply of quality-controlled raw materials with rigorously documented origin, which also helps us boost the quality of our products.

The student challenge team

The team of students within these expertise will work and pressent their solution to the challenge

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Speakers at the conference

The speakers for the KMC Challenge.

Thomas Hannibal,

Senior Application Development Manager, KMC

Mads Bjerregaard Larsen,

Product Manager Protein & Sidestreams, KMC

Jesper Malling Schmidt,

Postdoctoral Researcher, Aarhus University

Lars Karnøe,

Head of Legal, Plougmann Vingtoft

Camilla Kiørboe,

European Pantent Attorney, Plougmann Vingtoft

Armando Perez-Cueto,

Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

Carl Bjarne Mikkelsen,

Consultant, Danature


  • Session time: 13 November,  14.30 – 16.00

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