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The DNA Diagnostic challenge:

“PCR Diagnostic Kits – The Future of Food Safety”

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges to the food industry in recent years has been food quality and microbiology, with global consumers demanding higher levels of food safety from the food industry. Consumers are increasingly looking for safer options from their food suppliers, demanding the ultimate combination of technology, credibility and convenience. DNA Diagnostic has market leading technical insight into the world of PCR test kits, and we need you to help us be part of shaping the future of innovative food safety testing solutions for the global food industry.


Innovative food safety solutions will play a key role in helping future food companies to produce safe, sustainable, convenient and cost efficient products, and food safety is also an important branding tool for food companies to overcome growing skepticism regarding industry processed food from consumers globally. Achieving high standards for food safety is multifactorial and an important part is the ability to obtain fast and precise test results. Future food testing will be more transparent and precise, flexible and alternative types of test to connect with QA/QC departments and consumers on a local, personal or emotional level.

About DNA Diagnostic

DNA Diagnostic A/S is a Danish biotech company established in 1992. DNA Diagnostic A/S has developed several PCR and qPCR test kits. The first HemaVision kit was launched in 2001. HemaVision uses reverse transcription of RNA followed by multiplex PCR, and used by clinical laboratories to screen RNA for genetic defects associated with the development of leukemia. 

In recent years, DNA Diagnostic A/S, launched kits for real-time PCR analyses for rapid identification of pathogenic microorganisms in the food samples. Mastit 4 kits for screening bovine milk samples and most latest, Salmonella Velox for same day detection of salmonella in all kind of meat, seafood and various cocoa products.

Lately we have launched new products as TBC 4, PCR test kit for screening of total bacterial count in milk and new Pneumo 4, PCR test kit for detection of pathogens in animal infections e.g. Pneumonia. Latest Infant 3, PCR test kit for cronobacter spp., Enterobacteriaceae, and salmonella in infant formula-related products.

The student challenge team

The team of students within these expertise will work and pressent their solution to the challenge

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Will be announced.

Speakers at the conference

The speakers for the DNA Diagnostic Challenge.

Tina Mygind,

Development & Production Manager, DNA Diagnostic

Marija Banovic,

Associate Professor, Aarhus University

Anne Harboe Hoelgaard,

Quality Manager, ISI Food Protection

René Logie Damkjer,

Chief Consultant, Innovationsfonden


  • Session time: To be announced.

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