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InnovateFood.dk is a unique event based on real-life company cases facing the increasing demand for better and healthier food. InnovateFood.dk 2017 took place from 31 August to 1 September 2017 at the heart of one the most innovative food clusters in the world. Here international corporations, small companies and start-ups, researchers, scientists, and students – “ the talent of the future“, gathered to explore the new directions that will carry us forward.

The overall title of InnovateFood.dk 2017 was:
“Health & Nutrition – Through Healthy Food”.

Four high-level keynotes

The 6 Challenges

The core of the event is The InnovateFood Challenge, a unique open-innovation setup, where 6 company challenges will benefit from two perspectives: a professional perspective and a student perspective.

The advice from InnovateFood 2017: Spotlight on the customer

InnovateFood 2017 was two days packed with innovation and knowledge sharing, as solutions were proposed by both experts and student to the six different company challenges, inspiring keynote talks were held. But what did we learn?

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Contact Project Manager Nikolai Milman
M: +45 29 99 07 61
E: nm@danishfoodcluster.dk

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