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We want you to join InnovateFood.dk 2019 at University of Copenhagen and be a part of the 30 outstanding students.

The framework


We are looking for 30 ambitious students with a true passion and drive for innovation from all academic disciplines:

  • Business developer
  • Food scientist
  • Communication
  • Marketing•Sales
  • Engineering

You will be part of one of the ten interdisciplinary teams eachwith five top motivated students.


You will get unique opportunities to:

  • Collaborate closely with market leading case companies
  • Network with experts
  • Work in a real-life setting
  • Be a part of an international event with great career opportunities
  • Network with potential future employers and other students
  • Get the chance to have your findings implemented by the company

Expert coaching

The InnovateFood.dk Student Challenge is open innovation at its best, giving students the opportunity to work with real-life company challenges. You will work in small teams of five, where each student will contribute competences from their specific academic field. During the challenge, the groups will receive constructive feedback from a coach representing the company that has set the challenge. On the last day of the conference, you will present your case in front of an exclusive panel of international experts and industry professionals.

Not quite sure about participating InnovateFood.dk 2019?

We’ll convince you in the following…

What did Patryk gain from participating a student challenge?

How to benefit from a student challenge?



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