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The Challenges for InnovateFood.dk in 2017

Arla Foods Challenge
How to secure the relevance of dairy in the sustainable diets of the future?

Today we face a global challenge to transform our food systems and our food consumption patterns in order to secure a sustainable future. Agriculture is identified as one of the major contributors to global warming and puts pressure on limited planetary resources like freshwater and biodiversity, and our diets have been pinpointed as possible levers of change.

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Chr. Hansen challenge
How can awareness and acceptance of bacteria to fight food waste be enhanced?

We challenge you to come up with creative ideas and solutions to enhance the awareness and acceptance of good bacteria as a way to fight food waste. What does it take to make consumers understand the benefit of bacteria? Are they willing to accept products with a prolonged shelf life? How should dairy manufacturers market a yoghurt with extended shelf life to consumers?

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How can we generate new and sustainable sources of high-quality food with protein from insects to meet the future protein demand?

The insect industry is still young and needs innovation in all segments of the insect value chain: insect feed, industrial insect production, processing of insect biomass, and product application of insect-based food. We challenge you to innovate insect-based food products made of ground buffalo larvae (mealworms).

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Fermentationexperts A/S Challenge
How can we make a business plan for a start-up company focusing on improving intestinal health for humans?

Fermentationexperts is an innovative company with operations in Europe and the United States. We believe that fermentation is the feeding technology of the future for poultry and pig farmers, and we continue to develop new areas where fermentation makes sense – for the individual farmer’s finances, for the health of their herds, and for the environment.

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Tulip Food Company Challenge
How can we develop high-protein meat and savoury snacks for children?

Together with DC Ingredients, Tulip aims to create a portfolio of nutritious snacks for school children  On-the-go snack items for pre-lunch snacking and/or as a lunch box food item infused with hydrolysed meat protein powder ingredients.

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KMC Challenge
Natural Fibre Ingredients in the Future – sourcing, technology, and consumer health

KMC is 100%-owned by potato growers in Denmark and supplies potato-based ingredients – of the highest quality and with documented provenance – to food industry clients throughout the world.

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