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A circular way is the way to go

A plant in a chocolate-box and the taste and convenience winners. Many exciting solutions were presented at InnovateFood.dk 2019, which gathered experts, students and industry.

  • How do we turn used cardboard into a premium chocolate box?
  • How do we improve the flavor of plant-based products?
  • How should we brand a healthier ice cream?
  • How can we sugar reduce without adding artificial ingredients?

Many different questions were to be answered on 15. November at University of Copenhagen, where InnovateFood.dk 2019 took place. And to answer the questions and company challenges were a melting pot of competences.

A strategic design director, food chemist, branding researcher, lawyer and students from fields of food science, marketing, business development and many more.

Despite the different questions and themes of InnovateFood.dk, one approach, and also a good advice, was the answer to finding many of the solutions. The name is design thinking.

When working with challenges in companies, which the students are doing in today’s case competition, it is important to think and work in a circular way – you do not necessarily have to start with the product itself, but instead start with the consumer, look at the context , user needs and get new inputs that lead back to the chain and to the product itself, ” said Jens Christiansen, Lead Designer at DesignIt, who along with Director at DesignIt, Asger Østerbeck, were experts and keynote speakers at InnovateFood.dk 2019.

And the consumer context was the point of departure for team Procudan:

In real life consumers want to be sustainable and healthy, but when standing in the super market, they focus on taste and convenience,” said the consumer scientist student, Louise Mørk, when presenting the team’s solution, which was to combine the aspirational and actual consumer needs in the ingredients they presented to Procudan: Potato, seaweed, algae, mushroom, spent grain.

And Procudan themselves was ready to take home the suggestions:

It has been a really giving day, all in all, the day has lived up to our high expectations and even more to it. We had a really motivated team of students, who came up with interesting inputs, and a group of experts with very different competences. They gave us inputs that has made us reflect on the way we are going as a company,” said Lene Andresen, Supply Chain Director at Procudan.

A plant in a chocolate-box

Another solution, actually the winning solution was team Konnerup & Co’s chocolate box made of reused cardboard, cacao-shells and bee wax. It was more than a sustainable gift box – a gift that keeps on giving, as the reused cardboard contained flower-seeds, which can be planted, when the box is empty.

Creativity and implementation-ready was why team Konnerup & Co, was awarded with the new title as winner of InnovateFood.dk:

This team won because they were very creative, as well as delivering a solution ready to be implemented right away. Nevertheless, they focused on sustainability, which is a very important topic today and actually showing how this can solve some of the current sustainability issues,” said Julia Laursen, Nordic Market Nutritionist at Nestlé, who were part of the judge panel along with Johanne Arnet from Rockstart, Nanna Viereck from University of Copenhagen and Frederik Nygaard from SCIENCE Innovation Hub.

InnovateFood.dk is an open innovation concept created by Danish Food Cluster. This year was the third years in a row the innovation event took place.

This year InnovateFood.dk was teamed up with the following collaborative partners; IBM, Central Denmark Region, DesignIt, Nestlé, Department of Food Science at University of Copenhagen, and Arla.

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