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A circular way is the way to go

A plant in a chocolate-box and the taste and convenience winners. Many exciting solutions were presented at InnovateFood.dk 2019. But what happened at InnovateFood.dk 2019? What did we learn?

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Did InnovateFood.dk 2019 deliver value?

We’ll let the participants do the talking:

InnovateFood.dk 2019

InnovateFood.dk is a unique event based on real-life company cases. For the third year in a row international corporations, small companies and start-ups, researchers, scientists, and students – “ the talent of the future“, gathered to explore the new directions that will carry us forward. This year at University of Copenhagen.

During an open innovation competition with inputs from a handpicked expert panel and a recruited student team, the companies got new inputs for the challenges that they poses the two teams. Each student team worked in a one-day case challenge, and a collaborative process with the expert teams before the event formed the basis for new ideas and inputs the experts presented to the companies on the day. 

InnovateFood.dk 2019

The concept


We partner with your company to develop and present a case of strategic relevance to you.


Offer new perspectives and present results relevant to your case in an open panel session.


 Will work together to create innovative solutions and concepts to your specific case.

What did previous company participants think?

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